Burn Again EP

by Canis Lupus

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Recorded and mixed by Jon Hohn. Artwork by Seth McComsey.


released April 29, 2014

Brant Bishop - Guitars, vocals
Seth McComsey - Bass, vocals
Tom Wierzbicky - Drums
Jon Hohn - Acoustic guitar on "Woe"



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Canis Lupus Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Burn Again
Can you feel me in your chest
Where you bear the unseen mark
I taste your presence in my breathe
I can see you in the dark

Do you feel the burn again
You're gonna learn again
The freedom of lycanthropy
When you start to turn again

Do you feel that familiar feeling
Of moonlight on your skin
To know the death that I've been dealing
Forget the thing you once had been

Your howls penetrate the night
Striking fear in human prey
The taste of blood just feels so right
As you bathe in arterial spray

Unholy light glows within your eyes
Fur is sprouting from your crooked spine
So take a bite of a jugular vein
Your way of life until the next day

Harvest moon is whispering
Your fangs glistening
The pleasure's undeniable
The pack shall be reborn again
Track Name: God Swill
Run and hide while you can
Before we seek our revenge
Our patience is wearing so thin
The order of the wolf will drive the final nail in

Look out boys the wolves are loose
Ave, ave Versus Christus
Rise up girls now's your cue
Do unto them as they've done to you/Silence them and their crooked views

We've come to reap what you've sewn
Under your fucking nose like claws around your throat
Come for a ride with our dark vibes
Needs must when the devil drives

You preach oppression and waste your brain
Your cowardly pride is driving me insane
Sold off your minds like a disease
(Oh please!)
What a cruel and delusional society
Track Name: Lust Rites
Track Name: Hellride
Riding through the desolation
Feel the wind
Riding through the wasteland seeking sin
Three sixes gave us lust for blood

Feel the shivers down your spine
As you clench your fists
As we approach your stomach starts to twist
Feel the burning pain inside your soul

See the crosses on your walls
They keep you safe
See them all invert before your face
That’s how you know we're coming through your town

Burning through our midnight oil
As you keep safe your folks
Dirty whiskey burning up our throats
When you sleep will be our witching hour

Burning houses burning homes
Feel the heat
Hear the tires screeching down the street
Four riders delivered straight from hell
Track Name: Woe
We were moving along at a glacial pace
The shame is written all over my face, such a goddamn disgrace
Now I'm out here alone, with no calls left to heed
The battles over, you win, I concede

These cold shoulders freeze my soul
Dug myself into all these holes
Foot planted firmly in my mouth
Everything I love is headed south

This feeling's the worst
We're so doomed, we're so cursed
Might as well sing this song from the back of a hearse
Finally I realized we couldn't be saved
So we'll lower it down into a shallow grave

Pretty please don't make me beg
with my tail between my legs
Looks like our ship's set sail
Never thought I'd see us fail

If only, my dear, you could see me down here
In this burning eternal purgatory of fear
when the only sound is of no hope to be found
Burn it down, down to the ground
Just light the fuse and walk away

So darling do not despair
Nobody said that life was fair
When the crows pick at our bones
We're gonna savor the death throes

Rest assured, I'll watch it burn. Mark my words, I will return.